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You have been falsely accused and captured in a maximum security prison. However there is a chance to escape…In the same cell, long time ago, was imprisoned Harry Copperdini, who as the only one, successfully escaped…in the cell you recognize some clues…will they lead you to freedom? You have 60 minutes to use them and escape.

Level of challenge: 5/5 hard as hell

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You become a special agent in a mission which aim was to rescue the hostage captured. But something went terribly wrong.. You have 60 minutes to get to know what had happened and escape from the trap. The walls show more and more enigmas, and the time is running out..

Level of challenge: 3/5 medium

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You have a next challenge. This time you have to solve a of Gustav’s mystery disappearance. The case was ran by Detective Joe White, but he also ended up as a suspect…

You have 60 minutes to find incriminating evidence and escape of the Detective’s office before he comes back. Quickly, the time is running fast!

Level of challenge: 2/5 easy

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Beautiful dream has been interrupted by an awful sound a phone. You wake up in a quite familiar place…However you could not resist a strange feeling… Not knowing exactly what is wrong you start to look around. You notice that the table is on the ceiling, so is a chair. And the ceiling lamp is on the floor. Is this the parallel reality? You have goose bumps all over your body.. You are not sure why, but you are certain that you must get out…get out…Escape from this place as soon as possible. That is your only thought.

Level of challenge: 3/5 medium

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